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    JSR Global Sales Company specialized in all types of Strainers and Valves.

    Established in 2020, JSR Global Sales Company specialized in offering all types of Strainers and Valves. We are the most reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of all types of Pipeline Equipments. We offer various types of Strainers and Valves for every Industry. Our Products are widely used by Industries involved in process of liquid materials such as Fluids, Petroleum, Water, Chemicals, Pulps, etc. Some of our widely used products including Suction Guide, Expansion Tank and Balancing Valve are made to give their service.
    Our goal is to revolutionize the Indian Pipeline Industry by offering them premium and Multi-Functional Equipment and Accessories.
    We are widely known in major cities such as Delhi, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan as the most trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of all types of Strainers. Our Strainers especially Bucket Strainer, Duplex Strainer, Industrial Strainer, and Pot Strainer have huge demand there. We are not only a Strainer Manufacturer Company but also the largest Trader of Valves. Valves Manufactured by JSR Global Sales Company is always been the first choice of every customer and currently, our valves such as Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, and Gate Valve are always stood as their top priority.

    Unlike Other Companies that just focus on selling their products at high prices, JSR Global Sales Company always focuses on the client`s requirements and Budget. Our products such as Simplex Strainer, T Strainer, and Y Strainer are the best example of it because we are offering them at so many affordable rates.JSR Global Sales is proud to have been fulfilling the requirement of Strainers of India for more many years.

    JSR Global Sales Company specialized in all types of Strainers and Valves.

    Our Vision
    We are committed to revolutionizing Indian industries with our Premium Products. Our Top Priority is to deliver only the finest products at affordable prices. Through our Hard-work and Consistency, We are proud to say that JSR Global Sales Company is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of Strainers. We are also the most reputed Supplier and Trader of various types of Pipeline Valves. We specialize in providing our clients with our premium Pipeline industry Products at affordable prices.


    Our Mission
    JSR Global Sales Company is dedicated to making Indian Industrial infrastructure more Convenient and Secure. Our Mission is to bring Positive change in industries and we are consistently taking every effort just to make this dream a reality. We are always innovating new ideas in our products. We always make efforts just to make our Premium Strainers and Valves a little better. We believe that whether a product is good, we can still make it better just to give our clients premium Strainers and Valves.


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