• Industrial Strainer

    Industrial Strainer

    JSR Global Sales Company is a name widely known for its premium and multi-Functional Industrial products. We are the most trusted Manufacturer of all types of Industrial Equipments and Accessories. We are a Global Manufacturing Company that offers premium products. We are also the largest Supplier of Industrial Strainers. 

    Our Industrial Strainer is an advanced form of Basket Strainer, also known as an Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer. In Our industrial Strainer, fluid will flow via the inlet to the self-cleaning Strainer and then to the outlet. The Strainer element will strap the contaminants to a point where it is clogged. Our Industrial Strainer has a quick-release Handle with a perforated basket. The O Ring Prevents the Element to escape from the Basket. The Body of the Strainers is made up of Durable and heat Resistance Material that protects the Strainer from getting damaged by the outer Temperature. The Basket of our industrial Strainer is made up of durable MS material along with a Filter that smartly protects the Pipeline outlet From Getting any type of Impurities such as Particles and Metallic Elements.

    JSR Global Sales Company is the largest Trader of All Types of Industrial Strainers. Our Industrial is installed in various industries and working for many years.

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