• Simplex Strainer

    Simplex Strainer

    JSR Global Sales Company is the most trusted and prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of all Types of Strainers and Valves. We are in the Business of Manufacturing Multi-Functional and Affordable Pipeline Service Equipments and Accessories. We have assisted thousands of Industries to make them a little more advanced and convenient. Our Every Product comes under Affordable Pricing.

    Our Simplex Strainer is the perfect Combination of Durability and multi-Functionality. It is the basic Model of filtration Technology. It has Compact Design and is extremely easy to clean. Our Simplex Strainers protect system parts from getting soiling and Siltation. It is made up of Durable and Rustproof MS Material. 

    We are the largest Trader of Simplex Strainer in various states of India such as Delhi, U.P, Haryana, and Many More. We have been offering our Service for many years and through our Premium products and Accessories, we have earned the title of the Best Simplex Strainer Manufacturer and Supplier in India. We want to make our products accessible to every Business Individual and that is why we offer our Strainers and Valves at such Affordable Prices. We are on a Goal to make our Indian Industries a little more advanced and Secure.

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